Who's there?

Husband, Father, Business Owner, Creative, Dreamer, Realest, Entrepreneur, and most significant, a man who makes mistakes. 

Elevator pitch, I was forced to be a barber as a result of making the wrong choices. Letting go of the resentment, I finally have leaned into creativity and evolved into an author. I am currently settling in as chief creative at the /mercantes, a creative technology agency while nourishing lxve studios.

Who I am is often misunderstood. With no cosigns or significant backing, I was able to forge a career as a luxury barber in the hair industry's turbulent world. Growing lxve, a worldwide recognized brand, taught me a few things in business. The pillars of my growth were my father's once unwanted lessons. The vision was to articulate that which is missing and vital to converting a brand from good to great.

From suits to unapologetically wearing a reflection of my personality. I have come into my own.

The death of @lxvesosa gave birth to a hunger for the mentality that can obtain the un-imaginable. Shedding the limits and preconceived notions of what a barber should be, my mission is to show my kids that the sky is not the limit, just a starting point. From published books to a technology company, the second half of my career is shaping up to be the guiding light for like-minded individuals. Open Daily...

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Let's Connect